About Youth on Board

Since 1994, Youth on Board (YOB) has been a project of YouthBuild USA and a leader in youth in decision-making and youth organizing. YOB believes in the power of young people to transform their communities by recognizing that when young people are fully engaged—when their voices are heard, their opinions matter, and their unique perspective is respected—they commit themselves to making their schools, their communities, and their own lives better.

YOB has worked in more than 5 countries, 33 states, and over 110 schools. In 2001 YOB began co-administering the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) in partnership with the Boston Public Schools. BSAC is a youth-led, adult supported program where young people of color have the space and tools to recognize and utilize the power they hold to dismantle political and economic structures that reinforce inequity. YOB uses BSAC as an incubator program and takes successful BSAC campaigns to scale and share what has been learned with other groups across the country.

YOB also publishes books and provide program consultation, curriculum development, and technical assistance to organizations, schools, and districts.

Read more about Youth on Board at http://www.youthonboard.org