Young Leaders Council

The Young Leaders Council (YLC) is the peer-elected student leadership body for the YouthBuild field. YLC members launch their three-year terms as current students voted into office at YouthBuild USA's Annual AmeriCorps Conference of Young Leaders. YLC members represent their states at various national trainings and YouthBuild policy-making forums. Both the YLC and the National Alumni Council (NAC) ensure that youth voice plays a central role in decision making and strategic planning for the YouthBuild field. YouthBuild students who serve on The Young Leaders Council (YLC) engage in leadership roles such as policy input to YouthBuild USA, advocacy, support for local programs, activism and action, and self-development. Representatives of the YLC and the NAC serve on the Policy Council of the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network in equal numbers with directors. The Policy Council sets program design and performance standards for affiliation and accreditation.