Workforce Development

The DOL YouthBuild program addresses the needs of participants through comprehensive programming. YouthBuild programs place equal emphasis on education and hands-on skills-based job training. In addition, students receive personal counseling and case management, leadership development, opportunities to serve their community, and support services after graduation. The DOL YouthBuild program was reauthorized in July of 2014 with nearly unanimous bipartisan support as part of the country’s largest workforce development policy overhaul, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA).

In the broader workforce development field, YouthBuild USA supports the expansion of workforce programs tailored to meet the needs of oppotunity youth. We support policies and programs that:

  • Emphasize comprehensive programming

  • Increase funding for effective workforce programs for out-of-school youth

  • Create flexible eligibility standards to allow the maximum number of students to participate that need services

  • Encourage partnerships with employers that will benefit young people through well-designed curricula, leading to industry-recognized credentials

  • Promote paid internships, apprenticeships, and other placement opportunities that provide a strong career pathway for opportunity youth