We Support

Worcester YouthBuild students

As the international support center for the YouthBuild network, YouthBuild USA and YouthBuild International work with all local YouthBuild programs to ensure their quality.

There are two ways that a local YouthBuild program in the USA can be authorized to use the YouthBuild name: it can receive a YouthBuild grant directly from the US Department of Labor through a competitive process; or it can be licensed to use the name as an affiliate of YouthBuild USA.  About two-thirds of all YouthBuild programs in the United States use both of these methods.  However, there are some programs which are only DOL grantees and others that are YouthBuild USA affiliates but do not obtain DOL funds.

Internationally, all YouthBuild programs must be licensed to use the name by YouthBuild International.

In all cases, YouthBuild USA and YouthBuild International serve as the centers of support for program quality. The US DOL has repeatedly selected YouthBuild USA through a competitive process as its contractor to provide training, TA, and data management services to its YouthBuild grantees. So whether or not a program chooses to formally join the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network, it receives quality assurance services from YouthBuild USA. Those that choose to affiliate, belong to a national democratic Affiliated Network which acts as the center of gravity for the YouthBuild movement and sets standards for its members.

YouthBuild USA’s support is designed to achieve the following results:

YouthBuild USA and YouthBuild International also contribute to the youth development field by:

  • Sharing the philosophy, principles, and best practices that make YouthBuild work with a broad range of youth development practitioners.
  • Partnering with national organizations to affect public policy and to expand resources for effective programs that work toward reconnecting disadvantaged youth with education, employment, leadership roles, and service.