We Empower

Conference of Young Leaders

All YouthBuild students and graduates are empowered to develop leadership, personal mastery, and community engagement skills through connection with local mentors and participation in youth councils where youth voice and choice are primary. YouthBuild programs develop ethical young leaders dedicated to changing the conditions of poverty through global civic engagement.  

Additionally, YouthBuild USA empowers local YouthBuild programs to innovate through raising and distributing private philanthropic funds and public funds to launch pilots with small groups of YouthBuild programs that test and evaluate new strategies, partnerships, and areas of programming. 

When proven to be successful through an outcomes assessment process, these program enhancements are widely distributed across the network of programs. YouthBuild USA re-grants approximately $11 million each year to support these program innovations and to support ongoing program enhancements.  The US DOL has incorporated some of these enhancements into its basic grant processes, spreading them throughout the federal YouthBuild program.