We Educate

YouthBuild Houston student

Education is a cornerstone priority for YouthBuild. All students spend roughly half their time in supportive, individualized classrooms working toward their high school diploma or its equivalent. The other half of their time is spent mastering the skills and industry-recognized certifications they need to succeed in high demand careers through hands-on work experience and certification processes. We also understand how important postsecondary degrees are for career success over a lifetime and we work with students to access and succeed in postsecondary institutions. YouthBuild transition coordinators and job developers help young people to assess their skills and interests and match them to local labor market trends in order to make informed career and educational choices, equipping them with resources that allow them to live out their best dreams.

YouthBuild International education components vary with the needs of the young people engaged by each YouthBuild International program. Some YouthBuild International participants have limited formal education and others may have earned postsecondary credentials but not been able to find employment. YouthBuild International works with each local sponsoring NGO to provide a mix of formal education and technical training customized to its local context. YouthBuild International programs equip young people with the human, social, and financial capital necessary to achieve skills that lead to viable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Students recover from lost time and missed opportunities by pursuing academic studies and recognized credentials in formal and non-formal education settings. They acquire basic skills, including literacy and math skills, technical skills related to computers and financial management, and behavioral skills for school, work and life. This component is meant to provide a solid foundation for both post-primary and postsecondary education opportunities and maximize a young person’s success in jobs or self-employment.