YouthBuild Featured in National Media

Friday, May 8, 2015
YouthBuild student at the Conference of Young Leaders

In the aftermath of recent high profile conflicts between police and young people, communities have started to look to programs like YouthBuild to address the underlying problems keeping opportunity youth disconnected from the rest of society.

On Wednesday, May 7, 2015, the Washington Post’s feature by national correspondent Wesley Lowery entitled “In Fresno, police focus on building relationships, not making arrests” highlighted rapport-building activities that YouthBuild programs around the country champion. The story included this quote:

“When you respect and empower the young people, they want to build a bridge,” said YouthBuild USA founder Dorothy Stoneman. “It makes them want to improve the community, and that always includes police-community relations.”

The Boston Globe ran a front page story on YouthBuild during the previous week which highlighted the hope, opportunity, education, and job skills generated by Youthbuild programs during times when anger spills into the open in low-income communities like Baltimore.

In the same week, the New York Times published a timely op-ed discussing the effectiveness of second chances for low income young adults, featuring YouthBuild as an example of an effort that produces high quality results.

YouthBuild USA is proud of the work being done by over 260 local programs to open doors to opportunity youth, provide hope where there would otherwise be despair, build bridges between young people and police, and in myriad other ways tackle the challenge of over 2.3 million low income young people in America who are out of school and not employed.