YouthBuild Alumnus Lashon Amado Appears on MSNBC

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Lashon Amado

YouthBuild Brockton alumnus, VOICES member, and YouthBuild USA employee Lashon Amado appeared on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports with his sister, Ryanna Thomas, and the President and CEO of America’s Promise, John Gomperts.

The segment focused on GradNation’s 2015 report, which found that although the national high school graduation rate has risen to 81.4%, the statistics for low income, minority, and special needs students still remain below the national average. 

Amado spoke about the challenges he faced as a low-income youth attempting to make his way through the education system.

After struggling to succeed, Amado found YouthBuild Brockton. About the program, Amado said, “Because I felt like they cared about me, I was able to open up, and in the meantime I also got to earn my GED, and was able to get some job training by building low income homes.”

He went on to say, “(YouthBuild) helped me develop leadership skills which propelled me onto a path of graduating UMass and serving on my Juvenile Justice council for my state.”

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