The National Council of Young Leaders – Opportunity Youth United Convenes in Seattle

Monday, March 30, 2015
The National Council of Young Leaders

Last week, the members of the National Council of Young Leaders traveled from across the US to meet in Seattle. They began their stay with a day of meetings at Starbucks headquarters where they strategized around how to engage a broad constituency of young people across the country to lift the voice of Opportunity Youth to a broader audience and engage deeply in civic affairs. 

They also met for two hours with key leaders of the Starbucks Coffee Company, the Starbucks Foundation, and the Schultz Family Foundation to provide input on the implementation of the commitment Starbucks had made the day before at its shareholders’ meeting to employ 10,000 opportunity youth.

With energy high from a day of connecting and brainstorming, the Council attended the annual National Conference of Citizen University.  The conference is a gathering of “changemakers, activists, and catalysts” who show up to learn about power, build their networks, and recharge their sense of purpose.

Watch the Council speak at Citizen University.