Honoring Our Past and Building Our Future in Los Angeles

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Ely Flores

As we work to build the just society we believe is possible, it’s important to pause and recognize leadership.

For years the Los Angeles Regional YouthBuild Collaborative (LARYBC) has served local communities by supporting the development of YouthBuild programs throughout Southern California. This spring, staff and graduates representing 20 YouthBuild programs gathered at the Jackie Robinson Community Center in Pasadena, CA to recognize local YouthBuild leaders at a luncheon aptly called “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future.”

Irvin Barragan, SGVCC YouthBuild Graduate, YouthBuild California State Alumni Council Member, and YouthBuild USA Young Leaders Council Member was one of many graduates recognized. Upon receiving his award he said:

This award is not for me. This award is for all the dedicated staff that made all these opportunities happen for me. You are the true champions. All I did was take advantage of the doors they opened for me.

We would like to congratulate the LARYBC for their commitment to communities in California! We applaud your inspiring dedication to the YouthBuild movement and the leadership role you have taken in Southern California. The “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future” Awardees:

20 Years in Service Award
Jim Smith, Executive Director of YES YouthBuild

Graduate Leadership Award for 10 Years of Service
Noe Orgaz, Watts YouthBuild Graduate
Ely Flores, LA CAUSA YouthBuild Graduate
Bea Sweet, CCEO YouthBuild Graduate

Recent Graduate Leadership Awards
David Duarte, CCEO YouthBuild Graduate
Daniel Johnson, Venice YouthBuild Graduate
Evelyn Velasco, CCEO YouthBuild Graduate
Irvin Barragan, SGVCC YouthBuild Graduate

Attending in support of the LARYBC and the awardees were Pasadena City Advisors Javis Emerson and Horace Wormely, and Miguel Seguro, Field Representative from the Office of the Honorable California State Assemblymember Ed Chau. Thank you for attending and your ongoing support of the YouthBuild movement in California.

Daniel Johnson,  President of the YouthBuild California State Alumni Council

David Duarte, CCEO YouthBuild Graduate

All photos courtesy of Longchung Photography