Anthony Williams
“Best part about leading? You learn – that’s the best thing in the world."
Dimona-Ber Sheva
Professor emerita Dr. Edna Bustin started YouthBuild Israel in 2007. Bustin set out to address the most troubling issues experienced by the local youth.
Antonio Ramirez Jr. and his family
YouthBuild Rockford graduate Antonio Ramirez went on to earn his associate degree, co-found a not-for-profit, and build a family.
“From the day I stepped foot into YouthBuild North Central (WV), my life has never been the same. It is like I jumped onto a moving train to success.”
“My time with YouthBuild has been a life-changing experience. I’ve become a more effective leader for my peers, my family, and most importantly, my community."
"YouthBuild provided me with opportunities to develop my leadership and construction skills, step out of my comfort zone, develop positive relationships with caring adults, and learn to give back to my community...”
“I believe that the characteristics of a resilient person would be someone who is strong in many ways, but especially strong-willed and can mentally prepare themselves to overcome obstacles."