Helene D. Stoneman Scholarship & Civic Leadership Program

Helene D. Stoneman, the child of German immigrants, earned an AB in English Literature from Vassar College and an MA at Radcliffe College, after which she taught school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After her marriage to Vernon C. Stoneman and the birth of three children (Elinor, William, and Dorothy), she devoted her energies to the League of Women Voters, whose aims were to make certain that information was available to the voters on the issues, on the candidates and their records, and on the procedures of voting, in order to ensure a full exercise of democratic voting rights among women. President both of the Belmont League of Women Voters and then the Massachusetts League, and a longtime member of the board of the National League, she was an untiring worker for education, civic engagement, and voters’ rights. This scholarship has been established in her honor by her daughters, Elinor Stoneman Shaffer and Dorothy Stoneman.

The Helene D. Stoneman Scholarship and Civic Leadership Program grants $1,000 to outstanding YouthBuild graduates to assist with their college education. YouthBuild USA seeks YouthBuild graduates who have been recognized for excellence in civic engagement, community leadership, and academic achievement, with special emphasis on the student’s academic promise.

Since 2005, the Helene D. Stoneman Scholarship and Civic Leadership Program has awarded 305 gifts to 151 YouthBuild graduates attending college and graduate schools, providing $610,000 to assist YouthBuild graduates with their postsecondary education.

  • 78 scholars received awards to pursue associate degrees
  • 52 scholars enrolled in bachelor’s programs
  • 15 sought master’s degrees
  • 1 pursued a PhD
  • 4 participated in journey worker apprenticeship programs
  • 1 enrolled in a registered nursing program and 2 sought healthcare credentials

As of December 2017, 18 Stoneman Scholars have earned associate degrees, 19 have earned bachelor’s degrees, and 9 have earned master’s degrees.

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