Stephanie Calderon
Financial Grants Coordinator


What’s been your career path at YouthBuild USA?

In March of 2013, I began as a temp as the Program Associate for Criminal Justice Initiatives, specifically working with the SMART Initiative. After a year of collaborating with various departments in the overall grant management of the SMART Initiative, especially with the financial team, the opportunity to become a permanent employee presented itself. With plenty of support and encouragement I decided to pursue the Financial Grants Coordinator position in May of 2014.

Which one of our core values is most meaningful to you?

It's difficult to choose just one meaningful core value, however I choose love. I believe it is one of the most transforming core values and provides the opening for the others to flow into your life. As The Beatles said, "all you need is love".

How has the organization given you room for innovation in your work?

During my time as a temporary employee, both my supervisor and YBUSA have provided me with so much room to grow, create and improve professionally. With such a solid support system I have always felt included and encouraged to participate in any professional development efforts. This helped me recognize my strengths as well as my weaknesses, which led me to seek out my permanent place in the YouthBuild movement.

How has the organization helped support you as a person?

One of the things I believe the staff appreciates most is the ongoing effort to maintain a work/life balance. The honest passion behind the staff's work was clear to me from my first day here, but I have and continue to appreciate the times we come together for social events and our retreats, where the recognition of our day to day work never goes without appreciation.

Stephanie joined the YouthBuild USA community in 2013.