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A 30-45 minutes of free phone consultation with a YouthBuild USA staffperson (general overview of YouthBuild program components, basic sustainability resources, general consultation on your program planning)
Webinars over phone and computer on the following subjects. Choose any that you would like: $150 each, prepaid, for a 90 minute private webinar including time for questions and consulting. Current webinars include Structure and Framework of a YouthBuild Program, Fundraising and Sustainability, and Leadership Development for Planning Sites.
These two-day seminars, with presentations by practitioners and trainers experienced in various components and aspects of the program, take place several times a year and are held at various locations around the country. Cost: $300 per person; attendees responsible for own travel and accommodations.
Visit at your office or program: we will work with you to set up a visit with an experienced coach or consultant. Cost: approximately $800/day, depending on the consultant and travel time needed.