Since its founding, YouthBuild USA, Inc. has worked to establish a culture of accountability within the network of YouthBuild programs. We have developed a robust data management system that provides on-going information guiding our quality assurance and grant-making practices.  

We have also partnered with external researchers in a variety of targeted studies to increase our knowledge. Studies on YouthBuild USA have been contracted and funded by government agencies, funded by YouthBuild USA with private funds, or conducted by individual researchers and entities with their own funds.  

In 2018, MDRC will complete a random assignment study of YouthBuild at 75 randomly selected sites in the USA in partnership with the US Department of Labor and YouthBuild USA. In 2016, MDRC published its interim report on the YouthBuild Evaluation.

The Inter-American Development Bank has funded YouthBuild program expansion in El Salvador, Brazil, and the Bahamas, and has commissioned impact studies of the YouthBuild operations in these three countries.

Most recent studies:

Synopsis of YouthBuild Research since 1996.