Public Funders

Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps; VISTA)

Since 1994, YouthBuild USA has served as a national intermediary for AmeriCorps funds and education awards, bringing additional resources to local programs. Participating in the highly visible AmeriCorps program facilitates the transformation of YouthBuild students’ identity. Being known as YouthBuild AmeriCorps members, identifying with national service and community service, and obtaining valuable education awards for postsecondary education put the students into the mainstream of respected American society. Eighty YouthBuild programs in 32 states engage nearly 3,000 low-income young people each year to serve as  YouthBuild AmeriCorps members in America’s poorest communities, building affordable homes for low-income people.

Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank has funded the work of YouthBuild International in Haiti and El Salvador. In Haiti, this national youth livelihoods and leadership training project consists of a network of 12 YouthBuild training programs across the country, six new multi-purpose training centers, and 9,000 participants. In El Salvador, the YouthBuild project network operates in six communities spread out across metropolitan San Salvador and has enrolled 3,700 young people.

US Agency for International Development

Since 2012, USAID has been funding a $7.7 million Global Development Alliance initiative in Mexico, YouthBuild International’s Youth Pathways Mexico Program. The YPM program responds to the USAID/Mexico strategic objective to diminish the impact of violence in the lives of young people and local communities located near the US/Mexico border. The program provides leadership and livelihoods training to young people in six communities in Tijuana and Monterrey, Mexico. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1,200 youth just completed USAID projects focused on conflict mitigation, inter-ethnic cooperation, environmental stewardship, leadership, and livelihoods training in 28 communities. And in South Africa, USAID supported YBI to work with 12 Further Education and Training Colleges to incorporate YouthBuild principles into that country’s vocational training system.

US Department of Agriculture

Since 2006, the YouthBuild USA Rural and Tribal Initiative has been awarded four Rural Community Development Initiative (RCDI) grants from the United States Department of Agriculture. Through the support of USDA RCDI funds, rural YouthBuild programs explore new approaches for fostering community economic development to create sustainable employment opportunities for low-income young adults.

US Department of Energy

In August 2010, the Department of Energy awarded YouthBuild USA a 2-year Weatherization Innovation grant to fund a pilot program under which six local YouthBuild programs trained students to weatherize homes in their communities. At least 74 YouthBuild graduates were employed to weatherize 1,000 units of affordable housing as a result of this grant. This pilot unified YouthBuild program career preparation for low-income youth with the weatherization of affordable housing.

US Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

In July 2009, YouthBuild USA received a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to assist 40 local YouthBuild programs to provide mentors to 2,000 YouthBuild students and graduates.

US Department of Labor – Ex-offender program

In 2007 YouthBuild USA received a grant to assist 34 local YouthBuild programs to enroll over 300 court-involved youth, integrated into their youthBuild program.  A full qualitative research study was funded and managed by DOL on this project with Social Policy Research Associates.  A study of the return on investment was contracted by YouthBuild USA with researchers from Vanderbilt University who concluded that each dollar spent had a minimum return on investment of $7.80.

In 2010 YouthBuild USA received a grant for the YouthBuild SMART program for nine programs in five states to develop program enhancements for students involved in the juvenile justice system .

Recidivism rates for these programs have continued to be extremely low.

US Department of Labor – YouthBuild program

Primary funding for local YouthBuild programs comes from the US Department of Labor (DOL) under the federal YouthBuild program, administered by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA). Grants are made by DOL directly to independent local programs through a competitive process.  In 2006, YouthBuild USA was selected through a competitive process as the primary contractor for training, technical assistance, data management, and over-all quality assurance for DOL YouthBuild grantees.

US Department of State

In 2014, YouthBuild International was awarded a DOS Ambassador’s Fund grant for the Iraqi Al-Amal YouthBuild Initiative. Under this initiative, the YouthBuild leadership/livelihood training program has been adapted for implementation in Basra, as a way to open livelihood opportunities in the Iraqi economy, especially in the construction, tourism and hospitality sectors. The program serves vulnerable Iraqi youth who are out of work, out of school, and disconnected from the local economy.