Private Funders

American Express Foundation
Since 2004, the American Express Foundation has supported YouthBuild USA. Its most recent grants were for the YouthBuild Directors Fellows Program to strengthen YouthBuild program leaders through skill training, peer mentoring and support, problem-solving, and new theory learning.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
Since 2007, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has provided a series of grants to YouthBuild USA for various innovations. Its latest grant is for improving Postsecondary Pathways for Parents to provide practical assistance to YouthBuild graduates who are parents, as they care for their families and attend college.

Arconic Foundation
In 2016, the Arconic Foundation provided a grant to improve STEM knowledge and STEM career readiness of YouthBuild students at local YouthBuild programs in Monterrey, Mexico and Los Angeles CA.

Aspen Institute
In 2018, the Aspen Institute provided sub-grants to YouthBuild USA from the Ford Foundation to support Opportunity Youth United and from Google to provide connectivity for young leaders at Community Action Teams supported by Opportunity Youth United.

Since 2013, AT&T has supported YouthBuild USA’s Postsecondary Education Initiative.  AT&T grants enabled seven YouthBuild programs across the country to increase the number of YouthBuild graduates entering and completing postsecondary education. In 2017, AT&T made a grant to YouthBuild USA to support the Metro YouthBuild program located in Chicago’s South Side.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has been a partner of YouthBuild USA since 2005, supporting rural YouthBuild programs, green building, local YouthBuild programs, and capacity building at YouthBuild USA. Additionally, Bank of America has provided funding for Opportunity Youth United.

Benjamin Moore Foundation
Since 2015, the Benjamin Moore Foundation has provided grant so support the YouthBuild USA Green Initiative, as well as provide in-kind paint donations to local YouthBuild programs building green affordable homes and other green construction projects. Benjamin Moore employees have engaged YouthBuild students to explore paint-related careers and environmental leadership.

In 2016, Boeing made a grant to implement STEM curricula and introduce STEM career pathways to YouthBuild International in Mexico.

California Endowment
In 2017, the California Endowment made a grant to support Opportunity Youth United and to establish Community Action Teams in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation helped launch the first national replication of YouthBuild in 1988, and has funded innovation and capacity building initiatives continuously ever since.  In 1999, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and Ford Foundations provided funding to established YouthBuild USA’s endowment, which has grown from $5.0 million to approximately $10.0 million. Recent grants have funded opening career pathways in high-demand industries for YouthBuild graduates, YouthBuild International programs in Serbia and Bosnia, and general capacity of YouthBuild USA. 

Citi Foundation
In 2017, Citi foundation made a grant to support high-demand career pathways, provide pass-through grants to 7 local YouthBuild programs, establish a YouthBuild High-Demand Careers Learning Community of 25 local YouthBuild programs, and expand financial capability training which will engage Citi employee volunteers.

In 2017, Citibanamex provided support to the first diploma-granting YouthBuild Schools in Mexico.

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
In 2014, the Conrad Hilton Foundation made a grant to support the expansion of the YouthBuild SBIRT (Screening, Intervention and Referral to Treatment) substance abuse intervention initiative which has engaged over 4,500 YouthBuild students. 
In 2017, the Conrad Hilton Foundation made additional grants to support YouthBuild SBIRT and for YouthBuild International to develop hospitality and tourism career pathways in YouthBuild in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Edward W. Hazen Foundation
Since 2014, the Susan Crowne Exchange has provided grants to support Youth on Board.

Einhorn Foundation
In 2017, the Einhorn Foundation made a grant to support Youth on Board.

Episcopal City Mission/Burgess Urban Fund
Since 2015, the Burgess Urban Fund of the Episcopal City Mission has provided grants to support Youth on Board.

In 2015, Experian provided a grant to assist YouthBuild graduate members of the National Alumni Council and the Young Leaders Council to improve their financial capability.

Fish Family Foundation
In 2017, the Fish Family Foundation made a grant to YouthBuild International to establish a series of exchanges between YouthBuild students in Boston and Cambridge MA and in Brazil to build bridges of understanding and global citizenship.

Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation joined the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation in supporting the initial national replication of YouthBuild and the research on that replication in 1988. 
It has supported various YouthBuild initiatives since then. In 1999, The Ford Foundation and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation provided funding to establish YouthBuild USA’s endowment, which has grown from $5.0 million to approximately $10.0 million. The Ford Foundation’s most recent grant was to support The Bridgespan Groups work with YouthBuild International to develop its next five year growth and sustainability plan.  

Goulston & Storrs PC
Since 1990, the law firm of Goulston & Storrs, P.C. has contributed comprehensive and complete "pro bono" legal services to YouthBuild USA. 

Hearst Foundations
In 2015, the Hearst Foundations provided a grant to expand YouthBuild USA’s Rural Career Pathways Initiative in Central Appalachia and build a national framework for rural career pathways.

Herman and Frieda L. Miller Foundation
Since 2013, the Herman and Frieda L. Miller Foundation has provided grants to support Youth on Board.

Hyams Foundation
Since 2013, the Hyams Foundation has provided grants to support Youth on Board and the Boston Student Advisory Council.

In 2017, IBM provided in-kind IT analytics and technical assistance to help YouthBuild USA improve its systems in order to provide better technical assistance to YouthBuild affiliates.

Inter-American Development Bank
The Inter-American Development Bank has funded the work of YouthBuild International in Haiti and El Salvador. In Haiti, this national youth livelihoods and leadership training project consisted of a network of 12 YouthBuild training programs across the country, six multi-purpose training centers, and 9,000 participants. In El Salvador, the YouthBuild project network operates in six communities spread out across metropolitan San Salvador and has enrolled 3,700 young people.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Since 2012, JPMorgan Chase Foundation has provided funding both to strengthen the YouthBuild USA  Pathways to Credentials and Careers Initiative, and to build efficacy, cohesion, and innovation in the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network.
In 2015 and 2018, JPMorgan Chase Foundation made grants to support YouthBuild South Africa.

Kresge Foundation
Since 2012, the Kresge Foundation has provided support for YouthBuild program innovation and quality; organizational capacity in communications, public policy and fundraising; and leadership development. 
In 2017, the Kresge Foundation made a grant to support YouthBuild programs in Los Angeles.

Marguerite Casey Foundation
In 2016, the Marguerite Casey Foundation made a grant to support Opportunity Youth United.

Nellie Mae Foundation
Since 2013, the Nellie Mae Foundation has provided grants to support Youth on Board and the Boston Student Advisory Council.

New Venture Fund
Since 2016, the New Venture Fund has provided grants to support Youth on Board through its Communities and Just Schools Fund Project, as well as a grant from its Youth Engagement Fund to support a white paper on opportunity youth written by Opportunity Youth United.

New World Foundation
Since 2016, the New World Foundation has provided grants to support Youth on Board’s Boston Student Advisory Council.

Northwest Area Foundation
In 2014, the Northwest Area Foundation provided funding for Building Rural and Native Career Pathways to reduce poverty and assist Native American young adults in building assets through career pathways leading to placement in middle-skill jobs.


Orange County Community Fund/TK Spirit Fund (new)
In 2016, the TK Spirit Fund of the Orange County Community Fund provided a grant to support YouthBuild South Africa.

Oak Foundation
In 2015, the Oak Foundation provided funding to support successful transitions into college in careers for opportunity youth with learning differences. YouthBuild USA will expand its MyBestBets platform to reach more YouthBuild students more effectively by addressing their learning differences.

Prudential Foundation
In 2001, the Prudential Foundation provided the initial funding to establish YouthBuild Newark.
The Prudential Foundation’s most recent grants support YouthBuild International’s work in Brazil and Mexico, to strengthen YouthBuild's organizational infrastructure as it combines U.S. and international programming into a global network, to expand and scale YouthBuild International's programming in Mexico, Brazil, and other countries, and to expand financial literacy training at YouthBuild programs in the USA. Additionally, PGIM is assisting YouthBuild graduates in the USA and Mexico to find employment and internship opportunities with contractors engaged in projects funded by PGIM. 

The Rockefeller Foundation and
In 2017,The Rockefeller Foundation and made an Innovation Bonus Grant to YouthBuild USA to assist Opportunity Youth United.

Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation
Since 2010, the Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation has been supporting YouthBuild USA’s Green Initiative. In addition to funding, the Saint-Gobain YouthBuild partnership includes donation of  energy-efficient products, contribution of technical expertise, and employee volunteer support to engage YouthBuild students to build green affordable homes in their communities and pursue green career pathways. 
Additionally, Saint-Gobain supports YouthBuild South Africa and YouthBuild United Kingdom.

Schott Foundation for Public Education
Since 2013, the Schott Foundation for Public Education has provided grants to support Youth on Board.

Schultz Family Foundation

Since 2012, the Schultz Family Foundation has partnered with YouthBuild USA to develop a program and curriculum dedicated to helping YouthBuild students enter and remain in the workforce. Now named the Customer Service Excellence Training (CSET) curriculum, this approach began with three YouthBuild sites in 2012 and has now expanded to more than 30. YouthBuild USA is committed to continuing to develop the CSET partnership together with the Schultz Family Foundation.

Starbucks Foundation
Since 2013, the Starbucks Foundation has provided support for YouthBuild USA to provide technical assistance to local YouthBuild programs participating in the Postsecondary Education Initiative, enhance communications to increase the visibility of YouthBuild USA, and establish the customer service excellence training program for YouthBuild students in selected sites. Additionally, it supports YouthBuild USA’s global campaign for Opportunity Youth, currently expressed through the National Council of Young Leaders – Opportunity Youth United

State Farm
Since 2014, State Farm has supported Opportunity Youth United in order to promote the communication of the Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty.

Susan Crowne Exchange
Since 2014, the Susan Crowne Exchange has provided grants to support Youth on Board.

W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation
Since 2016, the Susan Crowne Exchange has provided grants to support Youth on Board.

W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Since 1997, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation has supported our rural development work and our youth advisory board for the Boston Public Schools (Youth on Board) over the years.  Its most recent grant supports YouthBuild International work in Haiti.