Private Funders

American Express Foundation
Since 2004, the American Express Foundation has supported YouthBuild USA. Its most recent grants were for the YouthBuild Directors Fellows Program to strengthen YouthBuild program leaders through skill training, peer mentoring and support, problem-solving, and new theory learning.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
Since 2007, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has provided a series of grants to YouthBuild USA for various innovations. Its latest grant is for improving Postsecondary Pathways for Parents to provide practical assistance to YouthBuild graduates who are parents, as they care for their families and attend college.

In 2013, the AT&T began supporting YouthBuild USA’s Postsecondary Education Initiative.  Its grant enabled five additional YouthBuild programs across the country to increase the number of YouthBuild graduates entering and completing postsecondary education. 

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has been a partner of YouthBuild USA since 2005, supporting rural YouthBuild programs, green building, local YouthBuild programs in its primary markets, and capacity building. Its most recent grant supports YouthBuild graduate Pathways to Green Credentials and Careers.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation helped launch the first national replication of YouthBuild in 1988, and has funded innovation and capacity building initiatives continuously ever since.  Recent grants have  funded opening career pathways in high-demand industries for YouthBuild graduates, YouthBuild USA’s Breakthrough Growth Strategy, YouthBuild International to establish YouthBuild programs in Serbia and Bosnia, and general capacity of YouthBuild USA. The Charles Stewart Mott and Ford Foundations established YouthBuild USA’s endowment in 1999.

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
In 2014, the Conrad Hilton Foundation made a grant to support the expansion of the YouthBuild SBIRT (Screening, Intervention and Referral to Treatment) substance abuse intervention initiative which will engage 4,500 YouthBuild students over 3 years

Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation joined the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation in supporting the initial national replication of YouthBuild and the research on that replication in 1988.  It has supported various YouthBuild initiatives continuously ever since.  Its most recent grant was to strengthen our capacity for international growth and public policy influence. The Charles Stewart Mott and Ford Foundations established  an endowment for YouthBuild USA, Inc. in 1999, which has grown steadily since then.

Gap Foundation
In 2013, the Gap Foundation began providing support for YouthBuild graduates to transition into college and careers. In 2014, the Gap Foundation made an additional grant to support this work through the creation of a YouthBuild Mental Toughness II program. Mental Toughness is the name of the initial orientation incoming students experience to prepare them for the rigorous expectations of YouthBuild and build a collaborative community. Mental Toughness II will prepare them for the rigors of attending and succeeding in college and building sustaining careers. 

German Marshall Fund/Balkan Trust for Democracy
In 2013, the German Marshall Fund provided support for YouthBuild International’s development of a YouthBuild program in the Western Balkans.

Goulston & Storrs PC
Since 1990, the law firm of Goulston & Storrs, P.C. has contributed comprehensive and complete "pro bono" legal services to YouthBuild USA, Inc.  For the last 10 years, they have also hosted YouthBuild USA’s annual fundraising event in Boston, called “Building Better Together.”

Hearst Foundations
In 2015, the Hearst Foundations provided a grant to expand YouthBuild USA’s Rural Career Pathways Initiative in Central Appalachia and build a national framework for rural career pathways.

Intel Foundation
The Intel Foundation has supported YouthBuild International’s work in Haiti through the JENKA Digital Livelihoods Project  since 2011.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
In 2011, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation funded a YouthBuild USA research study, Pathways into Leadership: A Study of YouthBuild Graduates, conducted by Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE). Since 2013 The Knight Foundation has funded the YouthBuild USA Leadership Education Action Pathways (LEAP) initiative to replicate YouthBuild USA’s national leadership pathways at the state level, beginning in California.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Since 2012, JPMorgan Chase Foundation has provided funding both to strengthen the YouthBuild USA  Pathways to Credentials and Careers Initiative, and to build efficacy, cohesion, and innovation in the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network by convening the YouthBuild National Directors Association and its Policy Council. JPMorgan Chase employees will be engaged to assist local YouthBuild programs, join YouthBuild students in homebuilding and other community service days, and mentor YouthBuild graduates.

Kresge Foundation
Since 2012, the Kresge Foundation has provided support for YouthBuild program innovation and quality; organizational capacity in communications, public policy and fundraising; and leadership development.

MasterCard Foundation
In 2012, the MasterCard Foundation has provided for a grant to support the work of YouthBuild International with IDEJEN, a Haitian NGO, to establish and support YouthBuild Haiti (JENKA) training centers for youth leadership and community development.

New Profit Inc.
In 2011, YouthBuild USA was selected through a competitive process by New Profit Inc. to receive a grant from the Social Innovation Fund at the Corporation for National and Community Service to expand the Postsecondary Education initiative to 7 additional local YouthBuild programs to improve graduate postsecondary education success.  As part of the initiative, YouthBuild USA established a student advisory council—VOICES (Views On Improving Credentials and Education Success) , which informs YouthBuild USA about the resources YouthBuild graduates need to transition from a YouthBuild program and complete a college education. 

Northwest Area Foundation
In 2014, the Northwest Area Foundation provided funding for Building Rural and Native Career Pathways to reduce poverty and assist Native American young adults in building assets through career pathways leading to placement in middle-skill jobs,

Noyce Foundation
Since 2011, the Noyce Foundation has supported MyBestBets, an online platform to open career pathways for low-income young people. MyBestBets is a joint venture of Jobs for the Future and YouthBuild USA.

Oak Foundation
In 2015, the Oak Foundation provided funding to support successful transitions into college in careers for opportunity youth with learning differences. YouthBuild USA will expand its MyBestBets platform to reach more YouthBuild students more effectively by addressing their learning differences.

Prudential Foundation
In 2001, the Prudential Foundation provided the initial funding to establish YouthBuild Newark. The Prudential Foundation’s most recent grants provide support for YouthBuild USA. Its most recent grants are to support YouthBuild International’s work in Brazil and Mexico, to strengthen YouthBuild's organizational infrastructure as it combines U.S. and international programming into a global network, to expand and scale YouthBuild International's programming in Mexico, Brazil, and other countries, and to develop and implement an employee volunteer engagement strategy. 

Since 2013, REDF has supported local YouthBuild programs with green social enterprises that provide entry-level jobs to YouthBuild graduates in the green industry.

Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation
Since 2010, the Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation has been supporting YouthBuild USA’s Green Initiative. In addition to funding, the partnership includes donation of  energy-efficient products, contribution of technical expertise, and employee volunteer support to engage YouthBuild students to build green affordable homes in their communities and pursue green career pathways.

Schultz Family Foundation
Since 2012, the Schultz Family Foundation in partnership with the Starbucks Coffee Foundation has joined with YouthBuild USA to develop a customer service excellence training program and curriculum  for YouthBuild students and graduates at three pilot sites, expanding to six in 2015. The Schultz Family Foundation also provided match funds for our Postsecondary initiative with the Social Innovation Fund.

Skoll Foundation
The Skoll Foundation has supported YouthBuild USA since 2007 when founder and CEO, Dorothy Stoneman received the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. It has provided additional  grants to build YouthBuild USA’s organization capacity to affect policy diminishing poverty in America, and to help raise youth voices toward this end. 

Starbucks Foundation
Since 2013 the Starbucks Foundation has provided support for YouthBuild USA to provide technical assistance to local YouthBuild programs participating in the Postsecondary Education Initiative, enhance communications to increase the visibility of YouthBuild USA, and establish the customer service excellence training program for YouthBuild students in selected sites. Additionally, it supports YouthBuild USA’s global campaign for Opportunity Youth, currently expressed through the National Council of Young Leaders – Opportunity Youth United

State Farm
Since 2014 State Farm has supported the National Council of Young Leaders in order to promote the communication of the Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty, produced by a diverse national group of young leaders sponsored by 14 non-profit organizations engaging low-income opportunity youth. State Farm is committed to leadership development and civic engagement among diverse populations.

Walmart Foundation
The Walmart Foundation has supported YouthBuild USA since 2008.  Its initial grants supported 59 local programs with general operating funds and enabled YouthBuild USA to develop a new healthcare career track in partnership with YouthBuild Philadelphia.  Most recently, the Walmart Foundation funded the YouthBuild USA Pathways to Credentials and Careers initiative which  assists local YouthBuild programs in navigating their local labor markets and developing credential and career pathways for YouthBuild graduates into middle-skill jobs.

W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Since 1997, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation has supported our rural development work and our youth advisory board for the Boston Public Schools (Youth on Board) over the years.  Its most recent grant supports YouthBuild International work in Haiti.