Peter Twichell
Senior Director for Global Program Development

Peter Twichell

What’s been your career path at YouthBuild USA?

My first position was Program Advisor/HUD Contract Manager. Two years later I coordinated a regional technical assistance team. I then became Director of New Site Development. Eventually, I began doing our international consulting work, which ultimately led me to the role of Senior Director for Global Program Development at YouthBuild International.

What’s the most unique thing about working at YouthBuild USA?

The diversity amongst the staff; working with lots of smart, talented, humorous people.

What do you like most about the culture?

The staff members are humorous. YouthBuild supports entrepreneurial thinking. I would describe the culture as informal, flexible, and caring…but you must take initiative and advocate for yourself.

Which one of our core values is most meaningful to you?

Diversity is most meaningful to me and I can see this through the makeup of the staff. 

Peter joined the YouthBuild USA community in 1996.