YouthBuild Panama Students

With support from the Department of State's International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Division in Panama, YouthBuild International (YBI) launched the Jóvenes Constructores Panamá (JCP) program in the Municipality of San Miguelito during the Summer of 2015. With this program, YBI and it’s local implementing partner, Glasswing International, adapted the YouthBuild model to the Panamanian context, providing community-based crime prevention and reentry model for out-of-school and unemployed young adults.

The JCP program allows young people to access community-based safe spaces, education, skills training, and livelihood placement support. The pilot program has offered remedial education, technical and soft skills training, counseling, leadership development and placement services to youth from San Miguelito as well as young people being released from Centro de Cumplimiento Pacora, a juvenile detention center just outside of Panama City.

Key stakeholders to the JCP initiative include the following:

  • Mayor’s Office of San Miguelito,
  • Instituto de Estudios Interdisciplinarios,
  • Centro de Cumplimiento,
  • Instituto de Desarrollo Humano (INADEH),
  • Ministry of Government,
  • Ministry of Public Security,
  • Ministry of Education.

To date, the JCP program has enrolled 210 young people, with plans to run an additional cohort of 40 young people in 2017, in partnership with Secretaría Nacional de Niñez, Adolescencia y Familia (SENNIAF). YBI is looking forward to this program, and its partnerships.

For updates and more information about JCP and our implementing partner, Glasswing International:

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