Our Culture

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YouthBuild USA has a vibrant community with a culture driven by its mission, core values, talented staff and dedicated leadership.  

We demonstrate an attitude of responsive service to the field, understanding our responsibility to ensure that young people experience the best that YouthBuild has to offer and that we support programs' capacity to offer that experience.

We work hard to live our organization’s values of respect, cooperation, love, courage, diversity, commitment, integrity, responsibility and community every day.

YouthBuild USA has a strong positive workplace culture, and I so value the opportunity to work with such smart, engaged and thoughtful individuals. This is what really helps to keep me motivated as an employee.

Our culture is hard-working, yet we recognize work/life balance is instrumental to maintaining passion and innovation in our work.

Our organization encourages personal and professional creativity and welcomes innovative opinion and ideas. We strive to create opportunities that nurture the ongoing learning and professional growth of our staff that fosters success, recognition and rewards. We endeavor to create an environment where there is respect for the intelligence and contributions of every staff member.

I appreciate the culture and commitment of the people who work here. They are here because they care.

We advance our mission by promoting a climate of inclusion that values and celebrates diversity at every level of the organization. We believe that a diverse staff that reflects the background of our constituency is essential to the effective fulfillment of our mission.

I appreciate the flexibility that YouthBuild USA has offered me. I feel valued and appreciated that the organization is willing to allow me to have a unique work experience.

Some of the ways we display our culture at YouthBuild USA:

  • A “Sunshine Fund” to celebrate personal events
  • Bi-weekly all-staff meetings
  • Quarterly staff retreats
  • Various cross-functional committees (i.e. The Fun Bunch and Organizational Improvement Committee)
  • Free donuts and bagels on Fridays
  • Flexible schedules to support work-life balance
  • Diversity at all levels of the organization