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YouthBuild International (YBI) has worked in Mexico since 2004, adapting the YouthBuild model to the Mexico context, and leading to the development of YouthBuild Mexico (YBM). In 2012, YBI launched the Jovenes con Rumbo Initiative in Mexico City, an employment and education program including a leadership and violence prevention approach that has served more than 14000 at-risk youth over the last six years. Over this period, the YouthBuild program in Mexico has expanded into more communities in Mexico and engaged in partnerships with several stakeholders, local NGOs and specifically with its two implementing partners (Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad, A.C. (JCC ) – active in Tijuana, Baja California, Atlixco, Puebla and Mexico City; Servicios a la Juventud, A.C. (SERAJ) – active in Monterrey, Nuevo León and the metropolitan zone of Mexico City who each work with YBIM in the different regions of Mexico.
With funding from the Prudential Foundation, Boeing, Nacional Monte de Piedad, Fundación Gentera, Citibanamex, Fundación SM and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), among others, YBM implements the Jóvenes con Rumbo program in three different settings:

  • JcR Youth Centers: This program provides employment and education opportunities for youth (ages 15-25) living in areas impacted by violence and who are outside of school and without employment. Youth Centers are safe spaces established in government or community properties, strategically located in at-risk areas. Currently, JcR has nine centers in the cities of Monterrey, Tijuana and the metropolitan area of Mexico City. The program in youth centers is an eight-month program that engages youth six hours a day, five days a week.
  • JcR Alternative High School: In January 2018, JcR launched its Alternative High School (AHS) initiative, inspired by YouthBuild’s experience in charter schools in the United States. JcR Alternative High School are devoted to young people between 18 and 30 years old who have not completed their high school education and who, due to their age, can no longer access the schooling system. The program is 18 months, in which young people acquire a high school certificate, recognized by the Ministry of Public Education, as well as two certificates of technical training. JcR works along with AHS graduates to place them in employment opportunities and continuing education. Today, AHS has seven pilot centers in the cities of León, Guanajuato and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua operated by our implementing partners: Fundación León, Autogestión y Educación Comunitaria A.C. (AUGE), Fundación Pedro Poveda and Centro de Asesoría y Promoción Juvenil (CASA)
  • JcR Construction: Since 2004, drawing from the rebuilding experience in Chiapas after Hurricane Stan in 2005, YBM and Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad A.C. (JCC) participate in public space rehabilitation and housing reconstruction programs. Young people not only contribute in rebuilding, but also benefit from the JcR model, developing their leadership and socio-emotional skills, as well as improving academically and increasing their employability possibilities. In 2017–2018, the program rebuilt 36 family residences affected by the September 2017 earthquakes in two locations: Xochimilco, in Mexico City, and Atlixco, in the state of Puebla.

YBI Mexico also provides technical assistance to the government and other civil society organizations on issues related to youth, violence prevention, employment and leadership.

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