Matthew Fisher
Director of AmeriCorps


What’s been your career path at YouthBuild USA?

I joined YouthBuild USA in 2007 as the AmeriCorps Support Coordinator, supporting the AmeriCorps team with the grant reimbursement process and assisting the field programmatically in a number of different ways. After a number of years, I found myself being promoted to Associate Director and managed a team of Portfolio Managers who were responsible for delivering programmatic technical assistance to AmeriCorps-funded YouthBuild programs. Over the last year, I have held the title as Director and my responsibilities have stretched to now oversee both programmatic and fiscal operations within the department.  YouthBuild USA has provided me with the autonomy to utilize my skill set and take on newer responsibilities that help me to grow and utilize my expertise.

What’s the most unique thing about working at YouthBuild USA?

I truly feel that all of us come to YouthBuild USA for the right reasons and ultimately believe in and support the mission of the organization. With that comes dedicated staff, who equally pull their weight, support their colleagues in time of need, and collectively move the work forward in positive ways.

What do you like most about the culture at YouthBuild USA?

There is a mutual respect for everyone's individual qualities and contributions to the organization.  This is a place where everyone is welcome to share their voice, to step up and lead when and where needed, and make it great place to work for everyone. Plus, there is a respect for having and maintaining a positive work/life balance.

What has been your favorite memory at YouthBuild USA?

My favorite memory has been winning the first all-staff musical chairs championship in 2009.

Which one of our core values is most meaningful to you?

At YouthBuild USA, the value of commitment rings most true to me.  The young people this organization supports make a commitment each and every day to better their lives, the lives of those around them, and their communities.  It is that level of commitment that fuels my commitment to the programs providing that opportunity to these young people.

Matthew joined the YouthBuild USA community in 2007.