Lifting Up Youth Voice

YouthBuild USA  promotes the voice of youth at every level. We sponsor an annual Conference of Young Leaders and an annual Hill Day in which students speak with elected officials about their realities,  and organize the 1000 Leaders Network to become involved in public affairs.  

One of our core underlying convictions, confirmed over the past 36 years, is that young people are capable of playing a leadership role and if encouraged to do so will bring enormous energy, creativity, and imagination to the work, as well as ideas that are well informed by the reality they face.  We believe that existing leaders should bring young leaders to the table.

YouthBuild USA organized and hosts the National Council of Young Leaders – Opportunity Youth United, a diverse body of young leaders who have been nominated by eleven national non-profit organizations serving opportunity youth across the United States.  This Council has produced Recommendations to Increase Opportunity and Decrease Poverty in America.  They advise policy makers and funders on issues affecting low-income youth and their communities.  This Council also serves as the youth voice of the Opportunity Youth Network.