The Board of Directors of YouthBuild USA, Inc. has overall responsibility for the operations of YouthBuild USA and YouthBuild International. The Board consists of individuals with relevant expertise in the fields of public policy, research, financial management, law, advocacy, nonprofit management, corporate management, housing, youth development, and community economic development. It includes four graduates of YouthBuild programs.

The Board of Advisors for YouthBuild USA provides advice related to sustainability and growth in the USA.


Executive Management Team

John Valverde

John Valverde

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Cross

President, YouthBuild International

Senior Management Team

David M. Abromowitz

Chief Public Policy Officer

Charles Clark

Vice President for Asset Development

Erin Rodriguez

Chief Quality Officer

Suresh Shah

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie P. Van Eron

Chief Development Officer

Daryl Wright

Vice President for Employer Partnerships

Monica Zeno-Martin

Chief Program Officer