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In November 2016, the Government of Israel announced that it will make a $25 million annual investment through a new program, “YATED,” to support the efforts of young people to complete their education, join the workforce, and get a healthy start in adulthood.  Minister of Welfare and Social Services, Haim Katz, said that the program would revolutionize the government’s approach to "the thousands of young people who remain without the tools to build an independent life.” YATED means an “anchor or stake in the ground” for support and stability.  The creation of YATED in Israel  is the culmination of a five-year effort by the founder of YouthBuild Israel, Dr. Edna Bustin, the Joint Distribution Committee, and other youth advocates for a new national program to respond to the needs of Israel’s estimated 200,000 young women and men who are not in employment, education, or training (NEET). YouthBuild Israel is one of only two pre-approved programs in the YATED menu of offerings, and as a result, will likely see a significant expansion with the new resources available to communities.

Launched in 2009, YouthBuild Israel now operates two programs in the Ultra-Orthodox community of Safet and the ancient city of Lod where an innovative demand-driven training partnership with Hertz Rental Cars is getting youth into good jobs in the automotive sector.  The Lod program also helps Arab Israeli women to gain essential livelihood skills. The Safet program is partnered with a boutique orthodox winery that is teaching graduates in ancient religiously observant wine-making.  Graduates are learning agricultural skills, viticulture, winemaking, and eco-tourism.

Of the country’s one million 18-to-25-year-olds, 200,000 are considered “at risk” due to lack of education, skills, and other essential supports. According to the Ministry of Education, between 30,000 and 40,000 students leave school each year without graduating.  Three-quarters of these school leavers are new immigrants, Arabs, or ultra-Orthodox. Beginning in late 2017, 18-to-28-year-old women and men will be able to access a wide range of programs and services—including YouthBuild—around the country delivered by municipalities, non-profits, and other service providers.  As part of the program, each of the participants will be accompanied by a mentor for a decade to develop a program tailored to their unique needs.   

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