Graduate Support

We believe in the leadership potential of all YouthBuild students and graduates. YouthBuild USA provides national opportunities for YouthBuild graduates to participate in leadership roles and activities.  Through the National Alumni Council (NAC), the Young Leaders Council (YLC), the VOICES council focused on post-secondary success, the 1,000 Leaders Network, the Speakers’ Bureau, and many national speaking engagements, YouthBuild graduates are called upon to lead in their local communities, provide input into YouthBuild program quality and policies, and contribute to national forums related to the issues of low-income youth and communities.

YouthBuild USA recognizes that graduates have ongoing financial needs for college and launching their careers: e.g. buying tools for their first union job, or acquiring a car to get to their first job in a rural area. Sometimes they also face unexpected health or other family crises.

To support these needs, YouthBuild USA funds the YouthBuild Asset Trust that provides small gifts for graduates to overcome obstacles or seize opportunities. In addition, the Helene D. Stoneman Scholarship and Civic Engagement Program provides funds for college scholarships. Approximately 40 scholarships of $2,000 are given out through a competitive process each year for graduates working for Associates’, Bachelors’ and Master’s degrees.

YouthBuild USA has granted over $800,000 in small grants, up to $2,000 each, to outstanding YouthBuild graduate leaders since 2004.  The administrator of these grants assists each recipient in creating a budget and financial plan for the future.