Global Community Service

Since YouthBuild International’s beginning, YouthBuild students outside of the USA have logged 1.9 million community-service leadership hours. 

Across the current international network of YouthBuild programs in 22 countries young people are organizing and carrying out an array of service projects. These include:

  • In Mexico, where young people are organizing and implementing community projects to reduce levels of violence and to respond to the impact of violence;
  • In Haiti, where young people are carrying out public health campaigns to respond to the effects of HIV/AIDS and to cholera;
  • In Brazil, where young people are making upgrades to homes to make them universally accessible to residents who have physical disabilities;
  • In Bosnia where young people weatherized rural homes and installed solar lamps; 
  • In Serbia, where YouthBuild graduates have deployed in flood relief response efforts;
  • In Peru, where young people are building water filtration systems to serve multiple communities located on the banks of the Amazon and Itaya rivers whose homes are flooded six months of the year;
  • In Iraq, young people are on course to carry out upgrades to orphanages in the city of Basrah; and
  • In South Africa, where young people organize and carry out community needs assessments former townships.

In addition YouthBuild has been enlisted by public sector partners in France, South Africa, Senegal, Paraguay and Israel to formulate national youth service plans in these country locations, drawing on the experience of the national YouthBuild Americorps program in the United States.