Adele Simmons

Adele Simmons is Vice-Chair and Senior Executive of Metropolis Strategies. At Metropolis, she leads work in sustainability and the area of early learning through the Burnham Plan Centennial.

Prior to joining Metropolis, Mrs. Simmons was President of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for a decade, overseeing grants of over $1.5 billion. Before that she was the president of Hampshire College, dean of students and assistant professor of history at Princeton University, and dean of Jackson College at Tufts University.

Ms. Simmons has served on a number of commissions and committees relating to Global Affairs including the World Bank Institute Global Equity Initiative, President Carter’s Commission on World Hunger, President Bush’s Commission on Sustainable Development, the Commission on Global Governance, as well as the UN High Level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development. She co-chaired the Task Force that developed a Climate Action Plan for the City of Chicago at the request of the Mayor, and is a member of the Green Ribbon Committee that is helping to implement the Plan. She also served as a co-chair of the Council on Global Affairs study group on Chicago’s global future, and a member of the Council’s Energy Task Force. 

Mrs. Simmons serves or has served on the boards of a number of nonprofit organizations including the Field Museum, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Union of Concerned Scientists, CERES, Demos, the Synergos Institute, and the Environmental Defense Action Fund.