Academy for Transformation

The YouthBuild Academy for Transformation is based on more than 30 years of experience in building a network of more than 300 YouthBuild programs around the world. The Academy provides tools, insights, training, and skills development to staff and directors of youth-serving programs to assist them in helping youth make significant positive changes in their lives.  

The Academy focuses on three interdependent areas: the process of individual transformation, the program conditions that best promote transformation, and the staff skills, behavior, and attitude that sustain and support individual and organizational transformation.

What is Transformation?

Transformation is an internally motivated, significant, positive, and irreversible change in one’s view of oneself and the world, and in one’s behavior in the direction of one’s highest potential. There is not one transformation but unending transformations—punctuating milestones—towards realizing one’s potential.

Our Learning Approach:

Academy to Go provides tools and strategies that practitioners can use immediately in their programs and live. We understand that the return on investment of training for both the participants and organization is critical; therefore, our training workshops are intended to provide both immediate results and ongoing learning opportunities. The Academy provides a unique, personal, and invigorating learning environment.

Academy to Go Offerings:

  • Individual or Group Training
    The Academy can bring any of our interactive workshops to your site to train managers, staff, students, or the entire program. We customize and work on a sliding fee basis. Generally for an audience of 15-40 attendees.
  • Regional Gathering
    Regional events pool resources of multiple youth serving organizations in order to large scale transformation. Gatherings generally include 60-100 attendees.
  • Transformational Institute
    The Academy offers Transformation Institutes for directors, staff, teachers, counselors, policy-makers and funders from the youth development, youth leadership, youth employment, after-school, and education arenas. Each Institute offers many multiday training courses drawn from the Academy’s quality, field-tested menu.
  • Consultant Services
    The Academy offers its entire menu of public workshops and technical assistance to organizations on a fee-for-service basis.

“Every time our staff (or myself) participates in one of the Academy programs we see a definite positive yield on the ground in our program. These events are so valuable because they provide time for staff to think about how we do our work to reflect on ways to improve it. We don’t get a whole lot of time to think about our work with youth because we are always working!” -Participant

Download the Academy to Go catalog.